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I'm taking a break from January to end of July 2023, in the video section you find my explanation.

Selection of concerts 2021

7thMay 2021 | “Sacra partitura” |
in Zollikon 

see full live video under:


17th June 2021 | Messiah by Händel  |

with Chapelle Harmonique

in St- Denis (FR)


27th June 2021 | Duo Recital |

with Marlis Walter, fortepiano,

with violin sonatas by Beethoven, Mozart and Schubert

in Luterbach (CH)


4th September 2021 | “The way of the word” |

with Gli Angeli Genève

at the festival for early music Utrecht (NL)


5th September 2021 | “Caffee Zimmermann”

with Il Gusto Barocco at Stuttgarter Festwoche Barock (DE)


6th September 2021 | “Reisen in der Zeit” |

Solo recital

with texts and pictures about the notion of time 

with works by Bach, Biber, Matteis, Virgiliano, Tartini

at Stuttgarter Festwoche Barock (DE)


12th September 2021 | “Muzio Scevola” | 

opera in three acts by Amadei, Bononcini and Händel

at Stuttgarter Festwoche Barock (DE)


2nd / 3rd / 9th / 10th / 18th / 19th October 2021 | “Ombra e luce” |

staged version of Monteverdi madrigals

at the Nationaltheater Mannheim with Il Gusto Barocco (DE)


16th and 17th October 2021 | “Virtuosissimo” |

with La Lira d'Orfeo and Raffaele Pè in Florence and Lodi (IT),
Click here for more information


5th and 6th November 2021 | Brandenburg concertos and Bach's cantata  “Ich habe genug”

with Il Gusto Barocco

in the Johanneskirche Stuttgart and the Dome of Aachen (DE)

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